One of the Blackspore Daniel created as siblings, Iblis Rosanne is one of the first Blackspore, and by the race's nature, one of the most powerful.

Ib possesses the most courage of the four, most willing to blindly jump into certain death to protect others.


To most people, Ib is typically reticent, reserved, and vacantly unreadable. Most of the time, she seems to have an inhuman mental capability of being immune to surreal events that would normally bring on mental trauma. This is due to the fact that she has the capability of not being affected emotionally, which prevents her from becoming overwhelmed. But she is truly very kind, compassionate, and emotional on the inside. When crises ominously involve those who are significant to Ib, Ib's mental state becomes disturbed.

She is also very sensitive to others, but unlike Garry, Mary, and Daniel, she doesn't express or show her feelings very much.