Katarina is a former assassin of an orphanage owner named Lady Eremiya, then knight of Altea, and currently the Empress of the Imperium of Avalon. She still retains guilt from her actions during her assassin days, but cares deeply for Daniel Mitchell, her husband and the one who gave her a second chance at life.

During the battle against Gharnef, Katarina became an Orphnoch after she was 'killed' by the Sorcerer's Imhullu Tome. She rose again as a Crane Orphnoch, however, thus allowing her to participate in the final battle with Medeus. A short time later, she was turned into Blackspore.


Katarina is a kind and caring person. She is particularly caring for her comrades. She is whole-heartedly determined to doing what's right, in penance for her actions in the past.

Katarina displays a guilt complex from her time as an agent and assassin for the orphanage owner who raised her like a puppet. Even now, she still hasn't fully forgiven herself for her acts during that time of her life.


Katarina is a skillful Magic User, ranked as a Sage, a master of both Anima and Staff Magic from Akaneia, as well as having some level of skill in Dark Magic. She is also gifted in the realm of tactics, making her an invaluable tactician for first the Altean Knights 7th Platoon, and later the Imperium of Avalon.

After becoming Blackspore, Katarina gained POWERFUL psionic abilities, and the ability to scan any being, given enough time, and add their 'Essence' to the Blackspore. Should she die, Katarina will instead return to the Blackspore Hive Mind, and await the construction of a new physical form.

Katarina became a powerful Orphnoch after her quote-unquote "Death" at the hands of Gharnef and his Imhullu Tome. As such, she possesses the standard strength, speed, and endurance enhancements of an Orphnoch, as well as fire energy blasts and, as the Crane Orphnoch, she can fly.