The Void is a mysterious realm of extradimensional space, where the laws of physics hold little sway. It is the source of many mysterious phenomena, such as void storms, and the origin of the Tenno's powers.

The Void is characterized by the presence of Orokin Towers, gleaming white and gold structures built by the Orokin for unknown purposes. These towers are of immense interest to many factions, who desire the vast treasures and Orokin technology hidden within.

The Corrupted

The Corrupted are the inhabitants encountered in the Orokin Void. Corrupted units are actually whatever beings that stumble into Orokin Void Towers, and have been implanted with a control device, allowing the "Neural Sentry" of the Orokin Towers to manipulate them. Most Corrupted appear shining grey and drained of color, save for the golden Orokin control devices on their heads, and their body is "perfected" in a way that mirrors the Orokin aesthetic taste: this is especially evident in Corrupted Grineer units, which has their crude armor replaced by golden, symmetrical plates and bionics.

The Neural Sentry also provides the Corrupted with Orokin weapons to aid in the defense of the tower. The tower is not without its own defense, and utilizes flying sentries that provide shields to the Corrupted. Orokin towers also sport defense turrets, elemental dangers, and cleverly hidden traps.