Sylas Mitchell is the second son of Daniel Mitchell and Katarina, as well as a prince of the Imperium of Avalon and leader of its Nightwatch Division.

Sylas also befriended Kivat-bat the Third, thus, thanks to his Blackspore Orphnoch Nature, allowing him to turn into Kamen Rider Kiva.


Sylas is a more serious individual than his loose-cannon of a brother. Nevertheless, he still knows how to relax, merely knowing when to be serious and when he doesn't have to be.

While not as adventurous as Charon, Sylas has been known to wander. Sylas has displayed the capability of commanding forces.


Like with the rest of his family, Sylas is a Blackspore Orphnoch, and has all the abilities thereof.

As Blackspore, Sylas possesses POWERFUL psionic abilities, and the ability to scan any being, given enough time, and add their 'Essence' to the Blackspore. Should he die, Sylas will instead return to the Blackspore Hive Mind, and await the construction of a new physical form.

Sylas possess an almost-unparalleled affinity towards electronics, and can potentially hack any network, given enough time. He ensures that his men in the Nightwatch Division also inherit this skill, making the Nightwatch Division some of the foremost Electronics Warfare Specialists and Experts in the entire Imperium of Avalon.