Zeyer Leven is a human that was the CEO of Z&L Enterprises before it was made into Z&L Coalition, at which point he became its leader.

The son of Zale Zeyer and Lydia Leven, Zeyer inherited their last names to form the name, 'Zeyer Leven'. The name itself refers to the two main families, Zeyer and Leven.

Besides his extensive history with Z&L Enterprises and Z&L Coalition, there is not a lot of publically available information on him...


From accounts of people that met him in person, Zeyer is extremely friendly, polite, and sophisticated. His general demeanor is always positive and lively no matter what is going on.


"I don't like being photographed not because I'm shy, but because I intend to let my name be the part others remember me for." -Zeyer, in reference to the lack of his presence in photos.


  • The lack of images for Zeyer Leven's appearance is intentional.